Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind?

A picture is worth a thousand words, and this one shows the spirit of Fort Worth in one glance, "Cowboys and Culture." 

I love my hometown.  It's true!  I admit it. 

But familiarity breeds contempt, and I found that I knew Fort Worth so well, that I no longer saw it.  That's why I've been taking time to be a tourist in my home town. Here's what I've seen, or rather re-seen.
The old red brick building that houses Haltom's jewelers contrasts happily with the modern glass and steel Bass Towers.

The Tarrant Country Court House.  At one time, it was one of the
tallest court houses in the entire country.

It's rare to see a cityscape from inside a downtown area.  Many of these old buildings are being converted to condominiums--very expensive condos!
8.0 restaurant sits in the heart of downtown.  It's a great place to people watch and to enjoy
our beautiful fall weather.

These beautiful angels flank the Nancy Lee and Perry Bass Performance Hall. 
The angel motif continues inside, as well. 
The Bass is considered one of the ten best small performance halls in the country.

A close up of one the Bass angels.

An angel in the clouds.

Fort Worth is known for the number of Art Deco buildings found in the downtown area. 
 Here is a detail of one of those buildings.

A closer view of detail on this fine old building.

A peek of First Methodist Church through the Live Oaks.
The church broke ground on the very day the stock market crashed in 1929.
It took longer than planned, but the church was finally built--debt free.

An arched walkway that connects two wings and a courtyard.

Looking out through the arches and the Live Oaks.

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