Sunday, June 27, 2010

June 23, 2009 Sigh! Sigh!! SIGH!!!

My bed and breakfast, The Jesmond.

It's my last morning in London.  Sigh!  I already know that I'm going to need Kleenex on the plane.  It has been a great two weeks. 

Here's what I've learned from my adventures.

1.  Traveling alone is great!!!
2.  If you really, really want to do something, you should just put on your Nikes and just do it.
3.  Teenagers are annoying in every country!
4.  Rush hour is bad everywhere, but especially in London.
5.  The British have a much small sense of personal space than we do.  I've stood closer to strangers on
     the tube than I have to my own family!
6.  People really are nice and friendly if you expect them to be.  They find Texans exotic.  Te Hee!
7.  You can figure your way out of a tricky situation if you calm down, stay sweet, and ask questions.
8.  I love England, but I'm glad I was born an American.
9.  Now I understand why the rich sent their young abroad on The Grand Tour.  Travel is a good teacher.
10.  Soap operas are addictive in every country! 
11.  Last but not least, planes are smelly tubes of death!

Can you tell I'm not looking forward to getting back on that plane?  But, I am looking forward to seeing all of y'all!


Polite instructions.   Notice the illustration of the "Please Clean Up After Your Dog."

Wow!  Queen Elizabeth gets her own entrance to Parliament.

This sign is outside the Horse Guards Parade Grounds about a block down from Number 10 Downing Street.  Must have vicious horses!


These doggie dropping boxes were all over Hyde Park.

Oh, that British sense of humor!

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