Saturday, June 12, 2010

London, Day 1, June 10, 2009

The lions of Trafalgar Square AND Big Ben!  This is really London!

I'm here! I started crying as soon as I got out of the airport. Everything is just so British! I would not have been surprised to see Inspector Morse walk up to me at Heathrow. Then as I rode on the tube into London, I saw houses just like the one that Harry Potter's Uncle Vernon lived in. And, growing wild along the embankment were poppies and daisies--the kind we have to baby to get them to grow.

A very nice lady, who was returning to London after spending a month in Fort Worth, befriended me on the plane. It made the time pass much quicker. But, let me tell you, they don't call it the red eye for nothing! That flight is no fun! Scott is right; we are all cattle to the airlines. My "dinner" made those old Banquet t.v. dinners look like a feast!

Well, I spent the first day getting lost. I thought I was pretty prepared, but there are all these little streets that aren't on any of the maps I studied, and the traffic is sooooooo fast. It's amazing that jet lagged tourists aren't killed right and left. But, the cars stop fast, too. It took me a while to get my bearings, but now I know where my hotel is in relation to The British Museum, so I'm set.

Today, I'm taking the Big Bus Tour. That should help me figure out where the big landmarks are. And, I am keeping an eye out for a store. I sure miss Walmart! Isn't that sad!!!

Mother, will you forward this on to Scott and Pam and also send me their email address? I forgot to put it in my I-Pod. Oh, by the way, my phone is not working at all. I think I will buy a temporary cell phone today. They are quite cheap compared to ours.

Well, I'm having a great time! Today, I need to find out how to use the buses because there is a tube strike going on for the next two days. Ah, travel is always an adventure!


Driads (water nymphs) in the fountain at Trafalgar Square.

No. 10 Downing Street. I couldn't believe we could get this close!

Rush hour traffic on Pall Mall between
Buckingham Palace and The Admiralty Arch.

The Admiralty Arch on Pall Mall

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