Monday, June 14, 2010

You'll never guess where I am! 6/13/09

At Buckingham Palace!
I just saw the Queen!
And, Prince William!
And, Prince Harry!

I joked around this morning at breakfast that I was going to see the Queen, but I never thought it would really happen!!!

There's the Queen, in the blue hat!

When I got to the Palace, there were all these people, all very quiet of course, lined up along the walkway. I asked one of the 100's of bobbies standing guard with submachine guns what was going on. "It's the Queen's birthday, madame." He told me that they were about to begin the "Trooping of the Colors" which is the annual celebration of the Queen's birthday. "Well," I thought, "I might as well stick around for a while." Just then hundreds of soldiers in dress reds came riding up on these gorgeous horses. Some of them dismounted and started marching around in some sort of formation. Then, the band, on horse back no less, started playing. Next, a line of Jaguars and Bentleys started driving up the gravel road and in through the Palace gates. Finally the fancy cars all started parading out, and there came the Royal Family riding out in open carriages! Wow! I had a great spot as close to the Palace gates as I could get. I took a ton of pictures, and I think I got a good one of the Queen. A very nice man standing next to me let me ask him about a million questions.

Wow! I never thought I would ever get to see the Queen!!! What a day. And, it's not even noon.


The troops marching around in their fantastic, bearskin hats.

Here's the band playing as they process ON HORSEBACK! Bet that

took a little practice.

Nobody does Pomp and Circumstance better than the British!

A minor Royal with his Bobby escort.

It was hard to get pictures because EVERYONE was taller than me.

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