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Sunday, June 14, 2009 Kensington Palace

How's everybody doing? How are the four legged family members? I miss you all, two and four legged.

Today, I thought I would take things a little slower, so I decided to go to Kensington Palace. When I studied the map to figure out how to get there I noticed that the Palace is actually in Kensington Gardens, one of the Royal Gardens. Just to the east is Hyde Park. Looking a little closer I saw that Grosvenor Square, a very posh neighborhood and the home of the American Embassy, were just a few blocks east of Hyde Park, close to Speaker's Corner. "Great!" I thought. "I'll take the tube, walk a three or four blocks to the embassy, walk a few more blocks to Hyde Park, then stroll on through to Kensington Gardens and the Palace.
I learned two important things today. First, London's bathrooms and stairways may be tiny, but their royal gardens are HUGE! I swear it didn't look that far on the map. The second lesson I learned is to always wear sturdy, comfortable shoes even if the teal sandals look better with your outfit!

Somewhere about half way through Hyde Park, and something like a billion miles, my feet started to throb. But the plants and planting combinations were amazing. Mother, the Bridal Wreath privet is blooming all over town, and it smells heavenly. I saw tons of English roses, poppies in color I have never seen, and gorgeous, bright blue larkspurs.

Oh yeah, and the Palace was nice, too. I especially liked to historic section of the Palace. In one of the exhibits, they had about 15 of Diana's dresses on display, including that gorgeous black velvet evening gown she wore to the White House. The Palace had its own private gardens adjoining Kensington Gardens.

I got lost over and over walking though the gardens, and I tried but I could not find the Peter Pan statue, Pam. I want to go back...when I'm wearing comfortable shoes!

After the gardens, I tried to find my tube stop and got lost again. So, I stopped at a pub called The Swan and had some fish and chips. The fish was good, the chips were so so. Some things Americans just do better, and that's one of them.

I can't believe how many French tourists there are! I didn't know they were so interested in England. I haven't heard many Americans. So far the Ugly American epithet seems overdone. We are louder than the British, but then who isn't?

Tomorrow I am going to the Tower of London. I'm really looking forward to that!


Look at that gorgeous blue!!!

Kensington Gardens. It was about 75 degrees.
Only the English would bust out the shorts and tank tops!

The entrance to Kensington Palace.

These are the beautiful, private gardens at Kensington
Palace. Although it looks very traditional, there were some
very unique and modern plant combinations.

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